Glazed Doors

Glazed Doors

Gosport Glazed Doors can be supplied in various formats - fully glazed, half glazed, vision panel(s) and in a variety of materials (Georgian wired, toughened glass etc). Our flexible manufacturing process allows us to accommodate a vast array of configurations whilst maintaining the strength and longevity of our heavy duty steel doors.


Key Features
  • 2.5mm mild steel facing sheet and mid panel
  • 100x40x2 ERW mild steel door chassis
  • 100x40x2 ERW mild steel main frame (depending on application, frame material section can be varied to suit)
  • Easy replacement of glazed panel without the need for special tools
  • Gosport Low Maintenance Hinges (Gosport design and manufacture):
    • Mild steel solid body
    • 20mm diameter stainless steel pivot pin incorporating 10mm diameter hardened rotating pin
    • Plain bearing journal (teflon coated phosphor bronze)
    • Phosphor bronze self-lubricating washer
    • Grease nipple for easy maintenance
  • 3 No.12mm diameter dogs to hinge side to prevent doors being lifted off the hinges.
  • Weather strip atop the main frame.
  • Stainless steel clad low-profile threshold (depending on application, section can be varied to suit).
  • 6mm thick anti-pry bar to door and main frame (or passive door for doubles) to resist "jemmy bar" access.
  • All door chassis and main frame joints are fully welded, with the facing sheet, mid panel and anti-pry bars stitch-welded to the door chassis and mid transom.
  • Fixed to surrounds with 10mm diameter frame anchors.
  • Double door passive leaf secured by concealed stainless steel drop bolts (cannot be disengaged when doors are closed).




Configuration Options

Doors can be supplied:


  • Left or right handed.
  • Inward or outward opening.
  • With any combination of furniture. Please refer to our furniture options.
  • Single, double, top panel(s), side panel etc. Please refer to our configuration options (pdf).
  • With frame extensions (cheeks) or architrave to minimise/negate further works to finish the door opening.



Generally used by local authorities, hospitals, schools, care homes, municipal buildings, offices etc.