Heavy Duty Doors

Heavy Duty Doors

Gosport Heavy Duty Doors offer effective security in medium / high risk installations. Manufactured from the highest quality materials and components, Gosport heavy duty doors have been designed and manufactured to give exceptional value without compromising quality.


Key Features
  • 2.5mm mild steel facing sheet and mid panel
  • 100x40x2 ERW mild steel door chassis
  • 100x40x2 ERW mild steel main frame (depending on application, frame material section can be varied to suit)
  • 30x30x1.5 ERW mild steel internal lattice frame
  • 1.5mm mild steel sheet internal panels
  • Gosport Low Maintenance Hinges (Gosport design and manufacture):
    • Mild steel solid body
    • 20mm diameter stainless steel pivot pin incorporating 10mm diameter hardened rotating pin
    • Plain bearing journal (teflon coated phosphor bronze)
    • Phosphor bronze self-lubricating washer
    • Grease nipple for easy maintenance
  • 3 No. 12mm diameter dogs to hinge side to prevent doors being lifted off the hinges.
  • Weather strip atop the main frame.
  • Stainless steel clad low-profile threshold (depending on application, section can be varied to suit).
  • 6mm thick anti-pry bar to door and main frame (or passive door for doubles) to resist "jemmy bar" access.
  • All door chassis and main frame joints are fully welded, with the facing sheet, mid panel, anti-pry bars and internal lattice frame stitch-welded to the door chassis and mid transom to resist "peeling" when under attack.
  • Door cavities filled with vermiculite granules to reduce condensation and enhance thermal and acoustic properties.
  • Fixed to surrounds with 10mm diameter frame anchors.
  • Double door passive leaf secured by concealed stainless steel drop bolts (cannot be disengaged when doors are closed).




Configuration Options

Doors can be supplied:


  • Left or right handed.
  • Inward or outward opening.
  • With any combination of furniture. Please refer to our furniture options.
  • Single, double, top panel(s), side panel etc. Please refer to our configuration options (pdf).
  • With frame extensions (cheeks) or architrave to minimise/negate further works to finish the door opening.



Generally used by local authorities, utility companies and construction companies for storerooms, plant rooms, utility rooms, substations, power grids, pumping stations, petrol stations, communication rooms, warehouses, schools, colleges, museums etc.